What They Say

These ladies are phenomenal! The owner, Awa is such a sweetheart! She did my hair for about 6 or 7 years straight when I lived in Rockville! She maintained my braids...when I was transitioning to going back to being natural...My two strand twists of my OWN hair which grew to my bra strap over time and then she maintained my locs for the 3 years when I had them...I have since moved out of the state, but I sure miss them! Their prices are very fair and the work is perfection!

Renee L., Customer

The support staff is AMAZING. Same day service. They also have built a GREAT theme that supports so many functions. You can tweak little things here and there and use its functionality for SO much more! What an AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME theme.

Feldhouse, Customer

Loved it. Made a same day appointment on a snow day and they were very accommodating. U got Senegalese twists and I was in and out in 4 hours. She braided the whole time without taking breaks to eat or talk like some other braid shops. Love my braids. Will be going back for sure

Crystal D., Customer

All of my questions were answered, designesia was very forthcoming and helpful and even sent me custom code for a specific problem I had. I know one thing: whatever theme designesia publishes, you can be assured that you get the best quality and support out there.

Mores, Customer

This is my second time visiting the shop and I believe this will be my go-to for hair braiding. The owner has always accommodated me when my regular braider would not and always does a fantastic job! I got crochet braids and I can swing this hair without pain! The lady who braided my hair was very gentle, especially near my edges. She also finished in record timing! I was very satisfied again leaving the shop. Try them out! They're courteous and quick!!

Candace, Customer

I tried Signara Hair Braiding for the first time today for small shoulder length box braids and it was an extremely positive experience. Highlights: Conveniently located Ample parking Inside Salon Plaza on Rockville Pike (discovered a waxing/threading salon there as well) Stylist was on time, pleasant, easy to talk to and understood what I wanted Braiding was fast! (About 3-4hrs max) Cost was average at $180 This is a third try for me as far as finding "THE" braiding salon and the third time just might be the charm. I was able to make an appointment for the next day which was great. The stylist helped me decide on a hair color (pulled out everything she had so I could check them out). There was another stylist that came in to work on a client's hair and she was just as pleasant, professional and talented. Although the stylists spoke French to one another they still made conversation and included the clients-- for me that was extremely nice to see as most braiding salons have you just sitting there while everything goes on around you and communication can be sometimes limited. Another highlight was not only the speed with which the stylist braided but how neat she was. After trimming the stray hairs from the braid she applied a wonderful smelling mousse then dipped and misted the hair with a nice oil/sheen spray. I appreciated the attention to detail and the quality of the work. While the salon space itself is small and not "fancy", everything seems to work well for the stylists and run on time. I'm very happy to have found this salon and will def make another visit.

Edie, Customer